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Miss Teen Trinity-Conception
Areas of Competition

Fun Fashion Wear
Evening Wear
Personal Expression (Speech)

Top 5:  Impromptu Question


Optional: Talent Competition

* The pageant has the right to adapt the number of contestants announced during the cuts or forgo this first cut depending on the amount of contestants that year.

Ie: could be no cut prior to the question round or could be a top 4 instead of 5.

Miss Teen TC- Awards

Miss Teen Friendship award:

 This award will be voted on by the contestants themselves during the pageant weekend. It will be given to the girl who is voted the friendliest person in the face of healthy competition. This award is sponsored by Subway! The winner of this award will win a beautiful award sash. 


Miss Teen Fitness award:

The fitness test will be ran by our fitness sponsor. Contestants will participate in stations where their fitness will be tested. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful award sash.

Public Speaking Award:

All of our contestants will participate in the Personal Expression category of our competition. Prior to the pageant, contestants are asked to prepare a 1 minute dialog of personal expression on the topic of their choice. The judges will score each contestant on knowledge of topic, personality, confidence, articulation, emotion and tone. Cue cards are not permitted. The contestant who scores the highest in this section of the competition will win the Public Speaking award. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful award sash.

Miss Teen Talent Award:

 In this optional award, our contestants will compete in a Talent competition. Our judges will then decide which girl will win our Miss Teen Talent. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful award sash. 


STAND for Hannah Memorial Award:


The STAND for Hannah Memorial Award is given out to one of our contestants at our pageant each year. We are honored to be able to present this award to one of our contestants who demonstrates the qualities that she embodied and the organization promotes. Named in memory of Hannah Thorne, who was tragically killed in a motor vehicle collision on July 7th, 2016. The STAND (Standing Together Against Negligent Driving) foundation was created in her memory. Their mission is to work with families and communities to prevent harm and death associated with reckless driving.  We are proud to continue to support this organization and their message. We are proud to #STANDforHannah

You can learn more about the Stand for Hannah Organization on their facebook page.


* Awards are subject to change yearly based on sponsors. This means that some awards may be added or not given out on a given year based on sponsor availability.

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