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Junior Miss NL
Areas of Competition

Fun Fashion Wear
Evening Wear
Personal Expression (Speech)

Top 10*:  Impromptu Question

Top 5*:  Personal Expression (Speech)

Optional: Talent Competition

* The pageant has the right to adapt the number of contestants announced during the cuts or forgo this first cut depending on the amount of contestants that year.
Ie: could be a top 8 or no cut prior to the question round or could be a top 4 instead of 5.

Junior Miss NL - Awards

Junior Miss Friendship award:

 This award will be voted on by the contestants themselves during the pageant weekend. It will be given to the girl who is voted the friendliest person in the face of healthy competition. This award is sponsored by Subway! The winner of this award will win a beautiful butterfly tiara and award sash. 


Junior Miss Photogenic award:

 Our contestants will have a photoshoot with our official pageant photographer(s). The entire photoshoot and all photos taken during the weekend will be taken into consideration as well as the contestant’s photogenic ability and attitude.  Junior Miss Photogenic will receive a beautiful butterfly tiara and award sash.


Junior Miss Talent award:

 In this optional award, our contestants will compete in a Talent competition. Our judges will then decide which girl will win our Junior Miss Talent. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful butterfly tiara and award sash. 


Junior Miss People’s Choice award:

Our contestants will be posted to our website and facebook group prior to the 2021 competition. For a set period of time, the public will have the opportunity to vote for the young lady they feel should be this year’s People’s Choice award winner.  Details for the public will be announced on our website and facebook group in September.


Junior Public Speaking Award:

 In our Talent and Public Speaking show all of our contestants will participate in the Personal Expression category of our competition. Prior to the pageant, contestants are asked to prepare a 30 second to 1 minute dialog of personal expression on the topic of their choice. The judges will score each contestant on knowledge of topic, personality, confidence, articulation, emotion and tone. Cue cards are not permitted. The contestant who scores the highest in this section of the competition will win the Junior Public Speaking award. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful butterfly tiara and award sash.

Dawn Butt Memorial Award:


Named in memory of one of our Pageant family who lost her battle with cancer this past December. Dawn Butt was a pageant mom, volunteer and an amazing role model. Her strength, courage and dedication to volunteering and leadership was respected and admired by many. We are honored to be able to present this award to one of our contestants who demonstrates the qualities that she embodied. The winner of this award will receive a beautiful butterfly tiara and award sash.  Each award winner will receive butterfly tiaras in memory of Dawn.


Mazol Shriners Junior Leadership Award:


This year Junior Miss Newfoundland & Labrador has once again partnered with the Shriners Children’s Hospital (Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter). This award is optional for contestants and will not have any bearing in the overall scoring. From July to September contestants will have the chance to fundraise money to help contribute to this amazing organization.  Contestants will be able to use their imagination and creativity to add to their volunteer work and support a great cause. All funds raised are due at registration on the first day of the pageant.    The winner will be our newest Award winner will have the chance to attend an event* with the NL Chapter of the Mazol Shriners. The fundraising money will be presented to the Shriners during one of their Gala Dinner events*.

· Event is subject to change yearly and at the discretion of the Shriners organization.


* Awards are subject to change yearly based on sponsors

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